Day 1 Pools

Gym Sites will be open by 2:15pm
First Game will start at 3:00pm

Teams must provide 4 refs to do scorebook, scoreboard, and lines. Libero tracking will be on the honor system.

Play Schedule:

3:00pm1 vs 32
4:00pm2 vs 41
5:00pm1 vs 23
6:00pm3 vs 41
7:00pm2 vs 34
8:00pm1 vs 42

Food and drinks are STRICTLY PROHIBITED INSIDE any of the gym sites. Food and tables may be set up outside the sites. Water bottles may be brought onto the playing surface.

Games are 2/3 25-25-15.

Friday Pools:

  • La Jolla HS
  • COAST Volleyball Club
  • University City HS

La Jolla HS

La Jolla Small Gym (Pool 1)

SeedTeamMatch RecordGame RecordFinishPoints %
1Dana Hills2-15-221.837
3Point Loma3-06-111.504
4San Pasqual0-30-640.153
 Set 1Set 2Set 3Winning Team
1 vs 321-2525-1712-15Point Loma
2 vs 425-725-3Morgan
1 vs 225-625-18Dana Hills
3 vs 425-225-6Point Loma
2 vs 327-2914-25Point Loma
1 vs 425-425-1Dana Hills

La Jolla Big Gym Ct 1 (Pool 2)

SeedTeamMatch RecordGame RecordFinishPoints %
1La Jolla3-06-011.495
 Set 1Set 2Set 3Winning Team
1 vs 325-2025-17La Jolla
2 vs 425-1423-2515-12Centennial
1 vs 226-2425-13La Jolla
3 vs 425-1525-19Valhalla
2 vs 325-2024-2613-15Valhalla
1 vs 425-1325-14La Jolla

La Jolla Big Gym Ct 2 (Pool 8)

SeedTeamMatch RecordGame RecordFinishPoints %
1San Clemente3-06-111.42
2Del Norte2-15-221.16
4Francis Parker1-22-530.849
 Set 1Set 2Set 3Winning Team
1 vs 325-1326-24San Clemente
2 vs 425-2125-20Del Norte
1 vs 219-2525-1215-11San Clemente
3 vs 425-2115-2513-15Francis Parker
2 vs 325-1525-12Del Norte
1 vs 425-1525-13San Clemente

COAST Volleyball

COAST Ct 2 (Pool 3)

SeedTeamMatch RecordGame RecordFinishPoints %
 Set 1Set 2Set 3Winning Team
1 vs 325-1725-12Esperanza
2 vs 425-1025-14Carlsbad
1 vs 225-2322-2515-8Esperanza
3 vs 425-1925-21Empire
2 vs 325-1818-2517-15Carlsbad
1 vs 425-1125-17Esperanza

COAST Ct 4 (Pool 4)

SeedTeamMatch RecordGame RecordFinishPoints %
2Rancho Bernardo2-14-321.020
3La Habra0-30-640.748
 Set 1Set 2Set 3Winning Team
1 vs 325-1925-21Salpointe
2 vs 420-2525-2315-9Rancho Bernardo
1 vs 225-1925-19Salpointe
3 vs 421-2512-25RBV
2 vs 330-2825-15Rancho Bernardo
1 vs 420-2525-1615-10Salpointe

COAST Ct 5 (Pool 5)

SeedTeamMatch RecordGame RecordFinishPoints %
2Ramona 2-14-221.265
3Helix 0-30-640.62
 Set 1Set 2Set 3Winning Team
1 vs 325-1725-13LJCD
2 vs 425-1625-19Ramona
1 vs 225-2025-23LJCD
3 vs 412-2523-25Brawley
2 vs 325-1025-18Ramona
1 vs 425-2325-16LJCD

COAST Ct 7 (Pool 7)

SeedTeamMatch RecordGame RecordFinishPoints +/-
1Patrick Henry0-31-640.924
2Palo Verde3-06-211.251
4Steele Canyon0-22-430.913
 Set 1Set 2Set 3Winning Team
1 vs 323-2525-1813-15Poway
2 vs 425-1618-2515-6Palo Verde
1 vs 218-2521-25Palo Verde
3 vs 416-2525-1615-8Poway
2 vs 321-2525-1415-10Palo Verde
1 vs 423-2523-25Steele Canyon

University City HS

FYI: 2nd place finisher in this pool will REF at 8:30am at Bishops on Saturday!!!!!

University City Main Ct (Pool 6)

SeedTeamMatch RecordGame RecordFinishPoints %
1Classical Academy2-15-221.543
2Rio Mesa0-32-640.706
3Mission Vista1-24-430.841
4Uni City3-06-311.111
 Set 1Set 2Set 3Winning Team
1 vs 325-725-13Classical Academy
2 vs 425-1918-254-15Uni City
1 vs 225-925-14Classical Academy
3 vs 418-2525-1615-11Uni City
2 vs 315-2525-2110-15Mission Vista
1 vs 425-2725-2012-15Uni City